Building Lensees

Role: UX Strategy, User Research, Interaction design, Engineering.

The Problem

A newly wedded friend of mine told me a story of how a photographer messed up her wedding memories. In her words…

He didn't show up on time, shot irrelevant things, and gave a bad delivery experience.

Later that week, I saw a thread of another newly wedded complaining and a somewhat experienced photographer looking for work. I thought...

What if I could help people find professional photographers for their events?

I decided to solve this problem in the most effortless way possible. I didn't want to build this massive thing and discover no one needed it. My experience at a startup had thought me a lot about validating ideas.


On day 1, I took out a piece of paper and wrote down some assumptions.

  1. Event planners and other creatives would love a one-stop place to find professional photographers around them.
  2. Photographers would use a product that directs the demand of jobs to them. Most will benefit from joining the community and being able to set their hourly rates.
  3. Photographers will pay a premium to be on the platform.

For the purpose of the experiment, I narrowed focus down to Lagos here in Nigeria. (The largest city in Africa). If things worked, I could then test in other locations too.

Learning more

In the same evening, I coded a landing page, hosted it on Namecheap, hooked it up with MailChimp and Google Analytics, and reached out to a few photographers on Instagram & Twitter.

A few replied, I told them about the idea and shared a link to an early bird landing page. I got a few emails addresses and a 2 hours long discussion with one of the photographers

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